There are some places that are just too far for daytrpping. But Daaamn dey nice. A few of the options are highlighted here.  So throw the Yaks on a motorboat and go to where the action is.
This place is known to some as Rhodes Key /Jones Lagoon, but it seems to have this attraction, where 1 hour trips turn tinto 5 hour escape sessions. Who can find the Tire.
Just South of Rhodes Key is North Key Largo and Ocean Reef Club. In between the two is a lucious maze of mangrove creeks (many of which are no motor zones, making us the only players in town).
When it's too nasty to cross the Bay just go south to Play
NOAA's version of elliott to Key Largo Tip to Tip. Figured that back door is so small, I'd give you some bearings to        help find it. Just get back in that crease & squeeze!
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