On the North side of the bridge is the larger, Lignumvitae Key. To the South is Indian Key. Do 'em both in an afternoon.
Some of the best  paddling in the Upper Keys go north/south on either side, cut across Adams cut & do the other side. Stop in at Florida Bay outfitters for trip ideas. If you look real close you can see Latour's house!
100+ miles of little land & Lotsa Water makes this a Paddlers paradise.
The Upper Keys Meet the Everglades and make for some AMAZING paddling. Down in the Lower Keys, the whole thing widens out & makes for all kinds of nooks & Crannies to play in.
All in all...IT DON'T SUCK!
This is the very north tip of Key Largo. Just north are all the creeks up to Elliot and the black hole in between (see Taxiyak Page for more coverage)
        AerialsDescriptions  Put in/Take out
Where Card Sound meets US-1 is a maze of short daytrips the fishing is supposed to be primo. Check out the old Card Sound Road & see old bridge
Card Sound Road Pick a creek
Garden Cove from N.E. or Fl. Bay Outfitters on West Side
Fl. State Park put in at base of Indian Key Bridge
Yeah it's all built out, but it's still great paddling. It's a little less built out into the Gulf side & to the North of this shot.
Wherever you find water access
Cross all the way from Matacumbe or Fiesta Key to Flamingo in only 3 days by kayak (approx. 30 miles)
Go north or south depending on the wind
Ocean Reef is easiest but can be done from Card Sound/Steamboat or carrying it in from intersection.
The Beautiful Florida Keys
No Better Place to Hang!

Where  US-1 hits the end of the mainland is another maze of short daytrips. You can park at the South Dade Marina. Bob charges $5 for ramp rights, but you have nice secure parking and from there you can paddle down theough the lakes to Sarge Creek and then East through the lakes or across the bay. Main Key has a nice beach (not many of those in the Keys), or you can do a shuttle trip over to Alabama Jacks, or even Steamboat Creek
South Dade Marina
Alabama Jack's
Why reinvent the wheel, when Monica has done it for us!
This website is part of the Florida Circumnavigation Trail and has all kinds of Key's paddling information!
Anywhere you want for 100+ Miles!