Kayaking....In Florida?
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Kayaking ain't just whitewater. 
the SFBPA strives to take flatwater to the extreme.
South Florida IS Flatwater country
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To South Florida Adventure Kayaking
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The South Florida Bush Paddlers Association
Yakhale's Navy
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No tunnel too tight

No bush too thick

No water too skinny

We go where they say can't be gone

and do what they say can't be done

We carry it all in and we carry it all out

Maximum impact on the Soul with 

Minimum Impact on the World 

Striving to give paddlers a good name & a good time

All the while leaving nothing but paddle strokes behind

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The Yakmaster
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This page was last updated: November 18, 2015
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Where you Launching from this week?
For Basic Information on the 2016 Florida Paddlers' Rendezvous, click here. 
It's just basic for now, more features to come!
(Including a Link to get "The Shirt")
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