Chapman Lagoon is named after Chapman Field (which was an airfield named for the 1st US aviator to die in WWI) which is just inland of it. Please note northern entrance (just south of Gables by the Sea) and southern entrance (around the corner from Deering, this entrance requires portage over road...for now...see below). Route indicated. New route requires two portages, but links you to the Deering Lagoon. If you take this route, please give right of way and courtesy to any golfers at the 2nd portage. WE LOVE THIS PLACE!
You could spend years in Southern Biscayne Bay and not see it all. Most of the areas highlighted here are inside Biscayne National Park. The different areas can be linked together to create hundreds of options.
The Hammock Oaks backdoor is the other way out of Matheson Hammock. This is one of the BUshpaddler original haunts & still some of our favorite paddles! The cut canal in the picture is the canal that goes under the bridge at Matheson and the triangle is the marina at Hammock Oaks. Right after leaving the triangle veer right into the mangoves (Ingrahm Creek) & sooner or later you'll get to the bay. The tracks show most of the inside options. Please note that the southern and western spurs are just that... spurs. They are deadends and require backtracking...but are quite nice!  The northern end of the track shot is Matheson, the southern Snapper Creek.
If you do put in at Hammock Oaks, PLEASE be considerate of the locals.
From North to South here are some of the highlights. By linking put in and take out points the options are endless.
        AerialsDescriptions  Put in/Take out
Hammock Oaks
Matheson or
the old
Parrot  Jungle
Snapper Creek can be boring, but the creeks cut into the south side can be fun, and it links well with other spots. Easiest way in is at Parrot Jungle just east of Aerial
Hammock Oaks
Parrot Jungle
Hammock Oaks or Parrot Jungle, someone's house in Gables Estates or from the gate behind the ball fields @ Chapman
South Biscayne Bay Routes
The Deering lagoon was home to the honeycomb hideout,a three story platform built by Brett & the Bellsouth crew (thanks guys), also in the top of the shot you can see Chapman lagoon. Routes indicated with labels.

Power plant drain canal on 152nd
The Deering Estate has nice creeks on the North side and Chicken Key is one of the closest keys to shore. Cutler Drain Canal (north side) gives excellent access.
Power Plant Canal or
Cutler Drain canal
(north side of canal)
This picture is courtesy of the folks at Mapquest and shows the creeks in the Deering Lagoon with much more detail. In this shot you can even see the platform and the walkway to the outhouse. This aerial will show you the many options back in the creeks.
Too's gone..all we have is memories...& pix
Another sacrifice in the name of "Progress"
And the institutionalization of our wild places!
The Metro Dade Parks and Recreation Department is embarking on a massive plan to expand Chapman Field Park out to Biscayne Bay. Some say the Yakmaster is opposed to the plan....this is not true. It's just that I love the lagoon just the way it is and it won't be just the way it is when they finish. There is no part of their plan I would change, it is a very good plan. But it will open access and access will bring more people...If this becomes the new Hobie Beach I will be sad...If it retains its wild & scenic flavor, I will love it.

It's not up to Park's designers, they made a good design...It's up to the administrators.....and......users.

We don't want another Lake Carolina!
Here's the decide.

This stretch includes lots of nice flats as well as the mangrove mazes/lagoons behind BK Headquarters and Just north of  Black Point
Cutler drain Canal & Black Point Canoe Ramp
This is a long shallow haul that feels like wilderness, just remember your keys.
Marina or
the drains if you
can get past the gates
For me anything south is Taxiyak country. But it was impressive to paddle into the plant pre 911.
Bayfront or
South of the my book